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At The Body Lab, we believe the body is a miraculous healer. We understand every person's health, well-being, and recovery is unique. We designed our center with privacy in mind to provide the ultimate healing and wellness experience.

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The Body Lab was inspired by a passion for health. What sets us apart is our knowledge of the healthcare industry and our need to create an environment where we can utilize what nature has given us to heal ourselves. Our founder based their vision on a need to provide alternative choices for healing, that can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies. Our mission is to be an advocate for those looking for ways to enhance their health and create a healing that is united in natural and traditional options.

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What Is Infrared Sauna?

 An infrared sauna utilizes light to heat your body's core temperature producing significantly superior results. FAR infrared saunas are the leading technology in infrared sauna therapy. More people are implementing infrared sauna treatments into their health routine and with the many benefits it is easy to see why:

  • Increase core body temperature by 3 degrees.
  • Burn as many calories as a 2-3 mile jog, 400-600 calories per session.
  • Detoxify 7x’s more than regular sweat.
  • Reduce aches and pains.
  • Recover from muscle injury faster.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Helps reduce eczema, acne, psoriasis and more.
  • Improve mood and sleep.

Is it safe?

The short answer is YES. Infrared saunas do NOT emit any UV rays and are in fact safe to use on a regular basis and several times a week. However, if you are pregnant or have any condition aggravated by heat then you would not be a candidate for infrared saunas. Many studies have shown infrared saunas to be beneficial to our health. The Body Lab has extensively researched the many different types and models of infrared saunas and we are proud to feature FAR infrared saunas.

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy or light therapy has been used for centuries in many cultures for various ailments. Light therapy in conjunction with infrared sauna is believed to reduce swelling, pain, inflammation, improve mood, improve skin disorders, light therapy is also found to be anti-aging and much more!

Red light is the first seen on the light spectrum. Red is considered a great energizer it is connects with the base of the spine causing the adrenal glands to release adrenaline. Red also causes hemoglobin to multiply, which carries oxygen and contributes to increased energy. Red is useful in helping many aliments such as: loosening stiff muscles, decreasing colds, stimulating our sense of taste, smell and hearing and much more!

Orange is the perfect blend for mental and physical healing. The red in orange gives your body physical healing, while yellow works to free your mind and bring wisdom by freeing oppression. Orange is great for reducing inflammation of the kidneys, gallstones, menstrual cramps, and sinus conditions.

Yellow is a great way to awaken your mind. Yellow is helpful for conditions of the intestinal system such as: the stomach, liver, and intestines. Yellow has an alkalizing effect and is great for strengthening nerves, as well as awakening more in depth mental awareness.

Green is midway on the color spectrum and is a great universal healer. Green works to bring equality of balance and harmony mentally and physically. Green works to bring homeostasis to the body and mind and is great for blood pressure, headaches, common colds and many other ailments. When in doubt green is a great option.

Blue is on the opposite end of the visible color spectrum. Blue is considered soothing and is great for relaxation, meditation or to improve sleeping issues. Blue can help sooth the mind and is  excellent for skin disorders such as: acne, psoriasis, or eczema.

Violet is the last color seen before light passes on to ultra-violet. Violet helps to stimulate and clean venous blood (deoxygenated blood). It is not typically used for physical ailments but is believed to nourish the cells in our upper brain. Violet can help purify or thoughts and bring inner strength, creativity and wisdom. When in doubt give violet a try as physical health begins with mental health.

How should I prepare for a session?

Before a session:

    Drink plenty of water. Most people do not drink enough water on a regular basis and when you add a heat session that is similar to a 2-3 mile jog you want to be prepared.

  • You will benefit the most from your session if you are adequately hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna session.
  • Remove makeup prior to your session to allow your skin to benefit fully from the benefits of infrared and chromotherapy.
  • We also suggest eating a light snack prior to a session as you will burn calories and your body will need the energy to continue burning calories.

What should you bring or wear?

    Bring a water bottle if you would like to refill once you are here. We also provide water.

  • We provide all towels but you are more than welcome to bring your own face towel.
  • Make sure to wear clothes that are loose fitting to make it easier to put on after your sweat session. You are more than welcome to wear shorts or a bathing suit inside the sauna but it is not necessary since the more exposure to the infrared rays the more benefits you will receive.

What to expect during your session:

    Be cautious to not allow yourself to overheat which would cause you more harm than benefit. If you feel too warm or like you need a break then be sure to drink water and open the door to your sauna allowing cool air in, this will not affect the infrared heaters as they will continue to work even if you allow cool air in.

  • Everyone is different and every experience will vary based on each individual. If you do not sweat intensely the first few visits do not worry, as your body may not be used to sweat as a response. You may not start to sweat until 10-15 minutes into your session, which does not mean the infrared rays are not working. This could be your body trying to reduce your internal temperature and you may need a few sessions before it is trained to react to the internal temperature increase.

After your session:

    Make sure to drink plenty of water after a session and eat a light snack or meal. Your body has burned calories and you have sweated. To achieve the full benefits of infrared it is important to hydrate and give your body the energy it needs after an amazing sweat sessions.

  • You may also feel that your muscles are looser, this is a good time to stretch. You may also feel relaxed and should have a goodnights sleep.
  • Make sure to shower 20-30 minutes after a session and enjoy the benefits of infrared sauna!

The Body Lab is excited to announce the opening of our salt room equipped with state of the art Halotherapy. At The Body Lab we are constantly working to bring you the latest and most effective ways to better your health and reach your goals. We will also offer appointments for children salt treatments Monday-Saturday 3pm-5pm.

Benefits of introducing Halotherapy into your health regimen include:

  • Reduce asthma symptoms
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Increase athletic performance
  • Reduce sinusitis
  • Reduce bronchitis symptoms
  • Reduce ear infections
  • Help improve symptoms of COPD and emphysema
  • Safe for all ages
  • Reduce psoriasis symptoms
  • Reduce eczema symptoms
  • Decrease dermatitis

Halthotherapy is not a replacement for medical care.

Is Halotherapy safe?

The short answer is yes. Although, there are some considerations such as:

  • Children less than 1 year old will need to be cleared by their pediatrician.
  • If you have a contagious illness such as: tuberculosis or flu you would not be a candidate for Halotherpy.
  • If you have open wounds or a contagious skin rash such as: chicken pox or an open abscess you would not be a candidate for Halotherapy.
  • If you are pregnant we suggest speaking with your physician prior to halotherapy.

Salt therapy is 100% natural and drug free. Although, there are no side effects, you may experience a runny nose, sneezing, and slight cough. These are indicators that the salt is working to clear your airways.

What to expect from a Halotherapay session:

  • Prior to a Halotherapy session it is important to drink plenty of water.
  • Make sure to wear clothes you are comfortable with getting salty.
  • During your session you may you may read, watch television, use our chalk wall, meditation, do yoga or simply recline in one of our zero gravity recliners.
  • Once your session begins our state of the art halogenerator will begin to fill the room with medical grade sodium chloride.
  • This may look like a salt shower because the room will become concentrated with salt which will make contact with your clothing.
  • Sessions are approximately 30 minutes. We can customize your session to allow for an expedited sessions if you are not able to complete a 30-minute session. All sessions will utilize the same amount of salt and all sessions are equivalent in effectiveness.
  • After your session you may experience sneezing, mild coughing, and a mild runny noze. These are all indicators that the salt is working on your respiratory system.

How many sessions do I need?

Every person will respond to Halotherapy differently. The amount of sessions you will require to achieve the results you are looking for will depend on your goal. All customers see and feel the salt working after the first visit but may require additional treatments in order to decrease symptoms and follow up treatments to maintain reduced symptoms. The Body Lab offers many flexible packages to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

Sauna Pricing

Single session $29


4 Sessions $99
8 Sessions $159
20 Sessions $269
*Packages do not expire & may be shared or split.

Monthly Memberships

Bronze 4 Sessions $59/mo
Silver 8 Sessions $99/mo
Gold Unlimited- Sessions $149/mo

Salt/Halo-Therapy Pricing

Single Session………$39


4 Sessions $129
8 Sessions $179
20 Sessions $279
*Packages include 1 child under 12 & may be split or shared.
Children under 2 are free.
Packages do not expire.

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